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We are a multi-disciplinary business that is passionate about creating beautiful homes, hotels and office spaces. Our core supply business in two key product categories: Ironmongery Door Locks and Bathroom Sanitary has enabled us to work with many creative architects, interior designers, developers and homeowners to realise a string of iconic projects in Southeast Asia since 1974.


We offer a unique proposition as our brands are positioned in the higher segment of the market where we are unrivalled in the areas of product designs and quality. We offer full customisation possibilities to our customers, so that they can explore design ideas that challenge the limits of one’s creativity.


Our bespoke suite of services comprises of:






Technical Expertise

We place a high degree of emphasis in providing our customers with accurate technical and installation advice. This ensures that all our luxurious Lock and Bath products are properly installed, so that they can perform their functions reliably and also to respect our manufacturers’ warranty promise.

360° Supply Solutions

We carry an extensive range of reputable Lock and Bath brands from Europe, USA and Australia that are product leaders in their specific area of supply. Our focus is on supplying to residential and hospitality developments to add value in design and quality. Customers also benefit from the constant R&D and innovative technologies that are developed by our manufacturers. These new technologies are then transferred to the products that we supply, giving us a competitive edge in the markets.

Customised Possibilities

We understand the need for personalisation to differentiate one home/hotel from another. Therefore, we are a leader in providing our customers with customised possibilities to creatively transform their living space. Select from a wide range of designs and unique finishes to complement your interior design concepts. If you can dream it, we have it.

Our Brands

At the Equip Group, we curate our international collections with you in mind, bringing you the best luxury brands from USA, Europe and Australia.

Door Locks & Ironmongery

Bathroom Fittings, Wares & Fixtures 

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